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Just a couple experiences we had during the build that could have gone very badly but due to Eagle Ridge Homes turned into stories we tell and chuckle about. Our build involved removing an old home from the location (actually moving the house to a new location); when that home was gone the site looked like a bomb had gone off and was a very unsafe site, something that we really were not prepared for. Eagle Ridge Homes hadn’t planned to start for another week but when Darrell saw the mess that was left, he jumped right in and had his contractors on site cleaning up the very next day. This was not part of the contract just something Darrell knew had to be done! On another occasion, while we were working with the city trying to get approval to have the power go under the back-alley Darrell showed up on site in the morning and someone was digging by the power pole. To the best of his knowledge, we didn’t have the final approval from the city to proceed yet so he called me to confirm. I confirmed that he was correct and again he took control of the issue which meant spending the next four to five hours working with the city, finding a Fortis employee in some back alley and coordinating the city and Fortis, we don’t really know the whole story but what we do know is that by noon the city, Fortis and Betty and I where all very happy and there was power underground to the house. To this day we don’t know what Darrell and Sue had planned for that Monday morning but once again there was an issue and Darrell saw it through to completion. Our power has been working great since!!!
Gord and Betty

We had the pleasure of building a home with Eagle Ridge Homes. Darrell and Sue’s willingness to work with a customized plan, professionalism before, during and after the build and their attention to detail made the home building process a very enjoyable experience. 1 1/2 years post possession we are still very pleased with the home and would recommend Eagle Ridge Homes to anyone considering building a new home or renovating a current space.
Nan and Scott

Thanks, Darrell and Sue. We had Eagle Ridge Homes build a modified bi-level home for us. We couldn't be happier with the build quality, the advice during the building process and the extra effort to get us into the house in a tight timeframe. I have no problem recommending Eagle Ridge Homes. Very honest and conscientious people.
Brain and Christine

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